Gena founded Criss+Cross Interiors & Staging in early 2019. After a decade of purchasing and selling many properties in the Denver metro area, she realized by seeing the results of simply buying a few luxury items such as white towels and lifestyle "props", then eliminating clutter and personal belongings, made a huge impact on the photographs and showings. Gena's attention to detail and the knowledge of education in home staging design, she knows what it takes to market a home to its best potential. Gena is now recommended by top selling agents!  

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"I always loved shopping for home decor, art and furniture, now I get to share this passion with my clients! I use to clean and change my room around all the time when I was 10, it has always been in me to do this, it makes me happy to know I can help clients meet there goals and give them advice on the sometimes stressful process of selling. Hopefully if I have done my job right, the entire process of preparing their home for resale is smooth and easy so they can move on to their next beautiful home."

– Gena St. Louis

Our design team has hands on experience and education in home staging design. We stay on top of the latest home trends, and work with you, one on one, to make your home a dream home to a potential buyer. Not only are we passionate about staging but 100% committed to making the end result a beautifully staged home.

The difference between us and other companies is we use luxury, high-end furnishings and home decor that make the home just feel more expensive. Not all home stagers are alike, so do the research! 

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Every home stager designs differently, so don’t assume we are all equal and have the same aesthetic. Have a clear idea of their talent by reviewing their portfolio and style ahead of time. (You can review our style here on our website: browse our Portfolio Page.)

Choosing the      Home Stager for Your Project


Our top tips on

Make Sure to Review the Home Stager’s Portfolio & Style

Each home stager shops differently and we can all agree that Walmart furniture is not the caliber of Restoration Hardware furnishings. Make sure to review the stager’s portfolio, so you are happy with their inventory and quality of furnishings.

Ask to See Examples of Their Inventory in a Space

A qualified stager should be able to talk you through their ideas, expertise and style planning for the space. If you have any questions or would like to ask us about your space, please feel free to inquire with us—we would love to share our vision with you.

Ask What Kind of “Look” You Can Expect in the Home

Every home is unique, so it’s critical to match the furnishings with the level of luxury the buyer demographic expects in the home. 

Make Sure the Staging Matches the “Luxury Level” of the Home

The scale of furnishings in a space matter and should fill the space appropriately. Small scale living room furniture in a large, grand space will look like doll’s furniture. Conversely, a king bed in a smaller sized bedroom will cramp the room.

Make Sure the Scale Matches the Size of the Room and Home

Architectural style matters and buyers have an expectation of what they want to see inside the home many times by looking at the outside of the home.

Make Sure the “Style” Matches the Style of the Home


Luxury begets luxury and buyers are looking to “aspire to live in that home” so stagers need to have statement items, well placed in the home in order for the buyer to fall in love.

Home Stagers have to charge enough to cover the cost of their inventory, so technically you are always getting what you pay for when it comes to the furnishings that go into a space. Unfortunately, many times stagers simply cut out inventory in order to fit your budget…this does not make for a very nicely staged home. Beware of the “lowball stager” who charges less and only puts $500 of inventory in a room vs. the stager who completely stages the space with $5000 worth of inventory... there is a difference.

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